Provocationthis week: To conduct a skills audit checklist

Wow,  this was something I felt really uncomfortable doing. It reminded me of the questionnaires you used to fill out in ‘Smash hits’ or ‘Bella’  those trashy teenage magazines that pose trite terrible conundrums like ‘ What sort of person are you in a relationship?’ and then you would work out who you were from the answers you gave. I found a lot of the questions didn’t really relate to me at all. Anyway it turns out I can remain calm under pressure. Who knew?

Well I knew….Certainly in a working environment I have learned to roll with the punches like when you are an hour from curtain up and I’m filling the parts of three people who suddenly are unavailable to perform their roles or  when stage fright overcomes a performer mid flow and I take the helm. You never know what will happen and you certainly can’t always prepare. One thing I think I have learned from that is that panic does not help. Take the reins and try to keep the waggon rolling and hope no one notices the wheels have fell off, yes sometimes it can be a bumpy ride…


Working with others and taking responsibility were also a strength. This is something I offered a lot when working on the M20 module. I enjoyed the opportunity of being in a room with others and having tasks that fed into the development of the project. I really thrived in that environment and was at my happiest.

An area to develop and certain one I think I don’t like to admit is: planning and focusing on detail. Now I do and I don’t. I know what the plan should be and I start off with very organised and clear intentions. A little bit like starting a new book and writing in your best handwriting, the first few pages are great but by the end of the book the handwriting has gone to pot, you’ve stopped underlining and it no longer looks like the same person who started the book!

Reflecting on the last point, the skills audit picked up on my energy and drive and in terms of learning, a lesson I take in developing as a collaborator is that it’s about having the right motivation.  Certainly putting me in education and training categories as well as creative and planning events I know I can work at my best with the right people. I thrive in a creative environment and can check in on terms of fulfilling a brief when there is a team there to support each other. When looking at the projects I was involved in, I loved being a part of them all. I want to take this forward with me, knowing that I can support and can be supported. This makes for the most agreeable environment and at the end of the day we all want the same thing. To be doing something we enjoy! Another strong comment that came from the results of the audit. After all we all want to do a job we enjoy.


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