Back in March, enthused by the introductory module in collaborative theatre making, working along side Scott Graham and Simon Pitman in getting to grips with how a company like Frantic Assembly create work. I was keen to embrace this style of collaboration. It made sense to me. Even though I feel I have always been someone who copes on my own, taking on all the roles needed to bring forth a piece of drama. “Jack of all trades but master of none”. Ultimately I realise looking at how I do things I am never completely on my own. Like being able to do this course. It would and only ever could be possible with the support of those around me. As my family and I juggle work to make certain things happen, check schedules and organise who needs to drop off children and pick them up.

It’s important that I do give up some of the reigns when looking at creating work. Intuitively I have had a sense of others building on what tasks I have given and therefore a collaboration has taken place but having a purposeful collaborative. When I first wrote my proposal in response to the Duane Michaels picture

This was a real opportunity to have a response to something and have more than just my perspective. This was an opportunity to be able to develop my ideas with people who had very different skills sets and talents to mine.

The proposal was quite intimate in the response it wanted, questioning how we might engage with the stories that we saw unfold? What did it unearth in our life and what resonance did it have today? The Michals images were very raw for me, issues with my eldest child,  very real and emotional topics to draw on. Something I realised at the time but in collaborating with others I would take my experience and have further insight into what version of this event could be explored. Hindsight in not having my proposal gave me relief. It’s fresh and still topical. It may have been difficult for me. Although I am not one to shy away from difficulties.

What the process has done for me is to look at things in a way I may have not before. To see stories not just that are bound to me but to look outward for more inspiration.  Things I have been interested in but dismissed now are perhaps a source of an idea. Why does it interest me? Why does something get my attention? It could be the most insignificant thing.

I have new purpose, something for me that is battling the depression inside me, that tells me that I can do better and can find something that will help me fulfil an ambition to create something worthwhile with people who can develop their skills along the way.  I’m already thinking of what it is that can make work more dynamic and engaging. Graham told us he isn’t interested in there being lots of Frantic clones, but the idea that we can take a format, adapt and evolve. That’s a purpose. For me I have got busy with life and it has run me and now I have to run my life with a bit more purpose. The first step for me is not to do it on my own. And in looking forward it will be about finding out how I can bring together a group who can trust in each other and have the same values.



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