So there has been a lot going on. A weeks research and development at the beginning of April gave us food for thought. Ideas and workshops a go go. That’s us completed a full week and already at the start of a second week of rehearsals. There have been lots of ups and downs in trying to pin down some moments. Some very clear breakthroughs and a real sense of moving in the right direction.  Also I think about understanding of how to communicate and use this new language and process. A realisation for me last week was something that was mentioned in our beginners course. Trusting in your collaborators. I’ve  been very keen to get up and get moving and at times we seemed to have talked ourselves around in circles.

In as far as contribution and collaborating there is a wealth of things to explore. At times it has been frustrating. Sometimes wanting to pin things down seems to be the natural thing to do. It feels like a foreign entity that we don’t need to have all the answers just yet. Developing material and finding how it may lead us somewhere is the concept that we must trust in.


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