First blog in a while,

Just about to rejuvenate with a pepper mint tea. Then bring you up to speed on week one of the advanced theatre making module.

so this time last week I said to Ruth. “This time next week we’ll be half way through our first week!” This thought was frightening. We had received information of what groups were working together and upon whose proposals.

My initial response was one of a little disappointment. Of course I was fully prepared that out of all the proposals only 4 would be considered. Actually after the first day I realised that actually I was rather pleased with this outcome. The prospect of my proposal was based a lot on my recent relationship and experiences with my teenage son. Even though I was fully prepared to be distant from it. I think now I would have found it diffficult and all too fresh.

I did find on Monday once we had a warm up and we got down to looking at everyones proposal in detail, that I had far more to offer each group, and how stimulated I was by the collective ideas of the group.

As a devised and performer working with Ruth, Kristen and Charlotte is going to be an exciting time. I feel enthused and invested in the proposal that Ruth has. Stemming from her reaction of of the out of water tulip in the Rego painting. We have all had fertile discussions at what direction we can go in looking at the idea of decay. The removal of support from something. The uprooting and what the flower symbolises.

On returning home in the evening I have looked at what I could add in written responses. Seeing a daffodil on my way home I wrote about what I saw as the flower battled in the breeze. How it seemed to rebel and that it was there clinging to the earth. But how that self same flower resigns it’s self to an early fate when it is removed from the ground.

I also found some poetry by Ted Hughs  and Silvia Plath. Both very rich in their imagery and even more so given the toxic relation ship that this couple had. infamously  Plath took her own life.  Which seemed significant when looking at potential narratives of stimulus.

I returned on Tuesday  full of excitement and told Ruth that she would flip her “ginger wig!”

we played on Tuesday with the guardian game, a falling exercise in groups one that we had explored in similar circumstances in the intro sessions. We looked at this again when trying to find some physicality for a starting point. It was a productive hour, the whole group able to collaborate but which resulted in using two people to support and carry and move on person as they resisted or fell into a space. The idea that we kept the feet on the floor. At one point we experimented with one of the groups having their person raised on a level. It created some lovely imagery. Kristen was being manipulated, caught moved and the ideas from it were the head heavy flower and connotations with that movement.

We have done much talking and discussion. Ideas around gifts and flowers. I worked at teasing out some of the responses that we got from Questionaires that Ruth worked on with us. I found some interesting ideas that I shared and how we could move forward with text.

We developed more concepts on slime and decay and the visuals.

we met with Tom Marshall our sound designer today so we can start looking at what to give him in terms of ideas .

This afternoon Scott, Jess and Simon looked at the giving of gifts. We had Charlotte moving me around the room. The idea of me accepting everything she does. Simon then started presenting me with the end of the exercise I was holding a water bottle, a bag, two plastic balls , a yoga mat under my arm, two folding chairs and a broom. Scott then asked me to talk to them about a gift I had received whilst holding all this junk. When we reflected on it there was the issue of the expectation of a gift what people do with it and what accepting everything had done to me. Distorting my shape. Could I replicate the distortion without the objects?

We discussed further ideas and we have had some useful directions. I am still keen to explore some writing now and my team are supportive of this pursuit for me. We know that we are not expecting to have a fully formed idea by the end of the week as this is just research and development but I think we should have honed some concrete events to start planning for in the rehearsal room. Next chapter….

The chapters….


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