In the up keep of my writing practise, here goes another blog.

pleased with myself that I have submitted a draft of my annotated bibliography and still a week to go before the deadline. I have managed to get on and read and respond to a few tasks that people have done and hopefully  I may even get to respond to another task before next week.

Reading other blogs from my MA peers has been interesting this week. I’m struck by how well they are presented. I tend to be a bit of a waffler. And don’t always offer much structure. Sorry about that. Good to see how everyone is talking  about their self study and seeing that I’m not alone in my worries or concerns. I shall continue to dip in and comment on the blogs. I have really enjoyed some of the responses and the opportunity to discuss what others maybe thinking and feeling and investigate what that might mean to them or me. There is a real honest and openness that comes across in the posts. Coupled with a desire and underlying passion for the reason why we are doing this. It really questions the important aspects of where this will lead us and I can begin to see the direction that some of my  peers are leaning towards or certainly wanting to lean in a little further towards and make new discoveries. I think I share this with them and it is an exciting but also scary part of the journey as not all the fog has lifted.

I am a little frustrated at how incompetent I am at doing all the techie stuff, copy and pasting others comments so I can see reactions and responses. It must be an age thing  I’m  ok once something is shown me but absolutely terrified of discovering or navigating round it myself. Comfortable getting my thoughts down. Trying to process how all this will feed in to the work. I think even learning from my peers about how to use this stuff more effectively will help me so much. Already with Spotify and just spewing out my thoughts is a step in progress with using these forms of media to give me some clarity.


Doing all this and reading a chapter of The half Blood Prince as well every night with the 5yr old.

I’ve also been using the back of my book for impromptu poetry and thoughts. Topics to write about have been from long lost purses to  the little things that remind me of my eldest boy . The young man in my life who no longer lives with me and for the time being we are not speaking. Yet seeing a gum shield reminds me of him, watching ‘Grimm’ and seeing that the TiVo box has recorded ‘myth-busters’. Memories of a life we had together, of the activities we shared or I supported. All remind me of that there is something missing. A part of me feels lost.

I have a few things to preoccupy me. The reading list is extensive.  There a books that are continually added to the recommended reading list and ‘if this interests you try…’

with only a few weeks to go before our next stint in London I want to get a few of these  books under my belt in order to help me pursue my writing self study.

i have also had a few thoughts on how to facilitate more of what I have learned so far into my teaching practise. Having used the Forum Theatre in lessons this week as a way to reinforce that we can all collaborate and work together to support the work of our class mates.

I was having to fill out what actions I have implemented to get progress in the different year groups after our recent assessment point. Thinking of  my year tens and what they need to do, I was struck by how poor they are at giving themselves targets. So developing a program that I can incorporate into their learning where they recognise areas of skills that we need to develop but that they take an active level in talking about it. Mmmm maybe a blog?

Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to accommodate this so instead I’m going to get them started on the ideas of video diaries. Giving them things to think about on the Showmyhomework website. We can begin this when our showcase is out the way. The first one will be a reflection of how well they performed in the showcase which takes place after Easter.

In mean while, having spent a lovely morning yesterday with Chloe, Merel,  and Jessi I caught up with some Moby on the Spotify today. That led me to a chill out album that played while I answered emails after work.

A variation on Grannies footsteps

One thought on “So a few things to do…

  1. Fiona this was such a lovely and honest post that really hit home for me. I realised while reading this blog that I have been getting so caught up in the academic side of analysing my study plan and implementing them to later document that I’ve been missing such an integral part of the exercise. Its to focus on ourselves and how we are progressing through this year, to honestly reflect on how we are and what we need to improve on. For some reason I had completely missed that, or maybe i’m still learning how to properly use a blog.
    Thank you for this Fiona, it was a fantastic post.


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