As one of my tasks for self study I have been using my Spotify as much as I can.

Ihave introduced more music to my rehearsal room in school and even just having it on in art lesson as an incentive for kids to feel rewarded for working quietly is quite a boon.

The function I like on the Spotify app has to be when you type in an artist, is that it also makes other suggestions. Some I may have heard of or haven’t listened to in a long time and it is great to be reminded of them and their tracks but what is really great is the artists I would probably never had heard of.

So my list of people that have now been downloaded onto my device include the following . Please feel free to check them out. There a number of soundtracks already I find myself listening to in a light of how I could use this in a performance, or would this be a great track to use along side the building blocks.

Kate Rusby, very folky

Sara Barielles. ‘She used to be mine’ is a gorgeous track

Ingrid Michalelson, Kate Nash, Fiona  Apple, A Fine Frenzy, Feisty… all recommended because I do like a bit of Regina Spektor

listened last night to a play list because I like Richard Hawley and the following artists too are worth a listen: King Creosote ( bats in the Attic)

Flo Morrissey,Jessica Hoop, C Duncan, Slow Club…. and I have only just gotten started.


3 thoughts on “lost in music….

  1. Hey Fiona, wicked reading your blog so far, particularly as like myself, a great deal of your practise resides in education . It’s fantastic to see how you are getting on with applying some of the things we have learnt so far.

    Spotify is a wicked tool and probably my most used resource in the classroom at the moment. Since our introductory module I have given a lot of thought to the style and tempo of music that I play in the classroom/rehearsal room. If I know my students need a boost they will enter the space to something with relatively high BPM. Equally, I have tried to immerse students musically in the world of the play they are studying/rehearsing. I found it fascinating how the rehearsal room for Beautiful Burnout was transformed into an immersive world for performers and I am actively looking for ways to achieve this myself in my own rehearsals. Music has been a huge factor in exploring this and a simple way of achieving it in a financially constricted educational setting.

    One factor that has also really helped, has been syncing my iPhone’s Spotify app to my MacBook. This has meant that i’ve been able to change music remotely and responsivly (if its not working) and also rapidly, to save time and to keep momentum going in a rehearsal/lesson – It’s really easy to do and can be done with a PC as well as Mac (Not sure what you use?) –

    I’m also a HUGE fan of Regina Spektor! I love the imagery present in her songs, her tonality and the stories she shares. If you are vibing off of the above artist then you should check out Sophie Madeleine too! She’s a very talented singer-songwriter who can play a mean Ukulele tune!



    1. That’s fab Gavin. I could definitely do with a hand regarding the techno stuff. Completely just using through my phone at the minute and I think I am just at the tip of the iceberg regarding how useful this is. Even yesterday in my youth theatre rehearsal, forgot to mention this in my blog actually, we were able to source a piece of music that worked with some movement they had created. Now I’m not the biggest Tinee Tempah fan but we were able to source a track by him fairly quickly that suited our needs and fitted in with the style and age group we were working to create.
      Will definitely check out singer Sophie Madeline. Thanks for that.


  2. Hey Fiona, wicked to see you getting lots out of Spotify! It’s a wicked resource and probably my most used in sessions and in rehearsals at the minute.

    Like yourself I have been fascinated by the impact that music underscoring lessons and exercises has had. Music supports the room and even has the capacity to enhance and enrich the creativity in the room. The right track can focus a group with wild energy or rally one with low energy. A subtle increase or decrease of BPM can have a profound effect.

    One thing I have found that has really helped is syncing my Mac up to Spotify and controlling the music through the app. It’s easy to set up, and keeps momentum moving forward in a session. There are lots of forums and supportive vids online to help with this, or I would be happy to help when we meet for the advanced.

    Also a big fan of Regina Spektor! I love the imagery in her music, the stories and of course her voice! If you like the feisty female artists mentioned in the post, you should also check out Sophie Madeline.

    Give me a follow, it would be good to swap some playlists:


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