So now something close to everyone’s heart, cake!

The cake analogy  is very simple concept and I’m sure I’m probably not alone in using it. The idea of that students are given the Same basic ingredients to produce something. Let’s call it a cake for now.

You have the right equipment and you are set up ready to go with an idea of what you want your cake to look and taste like and there is a time frame in which all this needs to happen. You have Flour, eggs, milk, butter and bowl. The oven is on, the timer is set. You have the tin in which to put the mixed ingredients or maybe paper cases for lots of little cakes with the same ingredients.

How does that cake turn out? If you follow a certain recipe and make sure you have got all the instructions right your  cake should be light and fluffy in texture, sweet to taste and give you a moments of pleasure as you take a slice and eat it. Maybe it will make you want more, if done right.

What happens if you leave it in the oven too long?

What if there is a key ingredient missing or you missed out a vital part of the process in the mixing of the ingredients?

will it taste as good? Will you want any more?

Too much sugar, not fluffy but stodgy- the analogy could continue.

I am of course trying to break down the practise of rehearsal for devising drama and collaborative theatre making. The point I am try to make for my students when I start down the cake route is not just the fact that I like cake. But ultimately given the right ingredients and tools and equipment. For drama; acting , character skills, staging, time frame, stimulus, drama conventional and techniques. A chance to discuss, decide and then do. They should be able to attempt a presentation together. These basic cakes are also just the starting point. They maybe perfect as they are but there are also many toppings and fillings they can add. Icing, decoration and many other options there maybe in the patisserie of life.

the plain and simple cake may suit the pallet as much as the chocolate ganache filled one and of course some cakes may look great but when you really bite into them they can be disappointing-something is missing.

SO the idea that theatre is a massive cake, it’s not for everyone but most people like cake!


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