With a serious lack of cheese on the nachos it’s good to sit and digest the past couple of days over a couple of beers in a London tavern… OK it’s tiger tiger in picadadily circus but but the ethos is the same. The idea of sharing ideas and thoughts with a fellow Ma student is comforting.
Seeing where we have been what we have done and how we have both ended up doing a course like this. It’s been a gruelling and tiring couple of days. I spoke a bout fitness yesterday but it is also a mindset. You can get bogged down in why your body won’t respond but what happens when your brain just doesn’t want to play either?
Among other things we played with hymn hands today. A devising tool that frantic developed when working on Hymns. A very simple concept to.put together a string of moves by placing hands on yourself or your partner. playing with speed and getting down the moved the idea there is no narrative to the movements. I struggled with this in terms of really trying to remember the moves and allowing the muscle memory to take over. It was OK I got the sequence but was disappointed that I just never really synced the brain with the rask. I don’t think it was because I was thinking too hard but just what I like to call my baby brain. The need to retain the moves or information for more than a nanosecond. So something I definitely need to improve on. An will get better at. Reminds me when I first attended step classes and could have cried because my legs wouldn’t respond and my brain was being a that. The minute I gave into the music and stopped thinking about it it all became easier. So I hope the same switch will click.


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