Another intensive day to get our head wrapped around the building blocks. Another day to put my body and mind through its paces. I have found today to be all about expectation and surprise. The things you expect to be hard or easy and the surprise at the reality of those moments.

The warmup was challenging, but I can cope with most things physical I keep active and I have a competitive nature to push through things. I accept the things I struggle with and I know that is ok. I liked one of the things that Scott said today. That as we went round our interval stations it was good to vocalise support. To make sure that everyone felt encouraged. This linked in with the whole warmup being part of the process and being able to keep the energy in the room.
I think one of the main ethos I want to encourage is that ‘can do’ attitude. I think one of my biggest bugbears when I’m rehearsing or even getting started is the lack of ‘work with me guys and you’ll enjoy it’ response. It kicks in around year 8 and I know we can call it puberty, growing up,whatever! but being able to win that battle at the beginning of a session with everyone one on board and ready to see what they never knew they could do. Is this mainly a school teacher syndrome? As those who come and do drama outside of school rarely exhibit that kind of behaviour. And it’s certainly not something you see in primary school. Even the shyest of kids will participate in the enjoyment of watching their friends give it a go. And that brings me to full circle about not being afraid to vocalise your support for each other. This is the ensemble; like minded individuals that root for each other. Even more than that, it creates roots with each other. Theatre is not a capitalist commodity in my opinion, it certainly doesn’t set out to be if the intention is pure. Success is another matter, the band wagon of fame and ambition are not to get confused in that intention of purity. The intention is in the creation of something that you can be proud of albeit a westend show or a gcse drama piece.

I’ll leave it there for now…


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