So this is the start of something. As I absorb everything I need to take me on the next part of my life and learning journey I am filled with so many feelings… who knew I had so much self doubt! As always I never do things by halves… and now is the right time to do something. So I am now on board for my MA in collaborative theatre making, excited to be a student again and terrified at the same time. Which is all good and healthy according to Scott Graham of Frantic assembly who led a great workshop with our group yesterday. Can’t wait til Feb and the 2 week frantic course…

So this was the draft I wrote when first getting to grips with blog site. And now on the eve before I head down to London for what will be the introduction to the frantic process. This year is going to require so much from me. I know I need to be more organised than I have ever been in my life. Even just sorting my cover lessons at school for a week has taken up many post it notes….heaven knows what May will bring.
What do I want to discover about me this week? What do I know already?
I want to know the honest answers to these questions. I don’t want to over think them or even be bogged down by them . I want to find my pride and my passion and the right words at the right time….


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