I certainly can’t deny there is an element of fear of what is unknown. By this time next week we will have almost completed week one of our introduction to collaborative theatre making with frantic assembly. To say I am spontaneous would certainly not be an understatement. A friend once brought me a mug that had the word whimsical on it so maybe I can be a little unpredictable. It certainly reeks of the moment when at maybe 17/18 years old so desperate was I to do a bungee jump at the melton fair I said to the chap running the thing I would do it topless if I could do it for free. He agreed. We even got the local police patrol man to turn a blind eye, well maybe his legal eye was turned… anyway. I leapt from the platform some 200 ft high above the home of the famous porkpies and with exhilaration and fear bounced on the bungee for what was probably only seconds. As the bouncing subsided I was then suspended for what seemed like hours as the cord lowered me head first to the inflatable below. Here I had wrapped my arms around my breasts suddenly feeling exposed and as my friend brought over my top. I uttered ‘don’t look at me!’
So I suppose what I’m trying to get at is that maybe I’m ready to take the plunge and just expose myself again… metaphorically speaking of course,although you never know.


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