I was thinking earlier on I should blog this and now like all things s I finally get chance to sit down I have forgotten what it was.
So a week in to the new course, introductions and peoples names finally taking place. Realising how many gaps there are in my learning and starting to feel that I now have to start educating me again.
So looking at Phenomenology and deconstruction to start off… just a few minor philosophical perspectives. Luckily the first book I pick up theory/theatre gets pretty much straight into it. Feelng now I know where I am coming at and as I am reading the great cake analogy begins to unfold.
I use this quite a lot when looking to get the students I teach to think of their work as a cake. How I can give them the key ingredients and then it’s what they do with them that decide how the cake turns out. So it’s starts off as a simple analogy but I have noticed that already that cake has many layers, if you’ll pardon the pun…
Any way it so happens I have started to scribble things down as to what I’m thinking and how the reading is starting to engage me with some contextual analysis.
The doubts are still there. I suppose they always will be.
What if I can’t be creative? What if I don’t understand or can’t understand what the tasks entail or I’m just not able to articulate what I mean?
I guess this is what Scott Graham was talking about when he talked about fear and being fearless collaborators. I just need to accept my fears and see where it takes me.


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